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A Victory for Veterans - The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has determined that "... government incompetence is leading to thousands of suicides." New York Times May 18, 2011 Read the New York Times Editorial

As documented by Harvard Medical School research teams and the American Psychiatric Association there is presently a nutritional solution for the veteran suicide epidemic that reduces all acts of suicide by 80-90% in major depressive, bipolar and schizoaffective patients. 

Shockingly, only 1 in 200 veterans in VA care are receiving this nutrient for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) the largest segment of the veteran suicide epidemic. (Valenstein et. al., 2006) 

Find out why our depressed and suicidal veterans are being denied this suicide breakthrough.The details from the VA study are provided in the FREE Report. 

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Why is this shocking?  Because approximately 80% of all suicides occur in the depressive state and yet the Veterans Administration is NOT giving this critically essential mineral to our veterans! Why NOT?

This free report contains a look at some core facts of this book. It contains links to the Harvard studies and the American Psychiatric Association 2003 publication that documents the amazing ability of this essential trace mineral to reduce all acts of suicide by 80-90% for the major categories of mental illness associated with suicide.

Sadly, like so many other extremely painful human experiences, most people will turn away from any situation that they feel they have no control over. This is definitely the case with the veteran epidemic of PTSD, depression, suicide and homelessness. Most Americans will almost immediately, emotionally and mentally shut down, the moment I speak with them about this situation. People just have no idea where to go with this information. They question "What can I do about it?" 

The overwhelming feeling and thus the realization (for an individual American) is, "I can do nothing to help a suicidal veteran or a veteran overwhelmed by depression, PTSD or homelessness." 

Up until this point the only thing the average American could do is give money to a veteran organization. However today is a new day!  We now have a nutritional breakthrough that assists veterans in each category of mental, emotional and physical suffering associated with depression, PTSD and suicidal thoughts/behavior.

Now you can do something proactive!  Download the FREE Report and forward it to everyone in your email database.  

In 2003 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) published the "Practice Guideline for the assessment and Treatment of Patients with Suicidal Behaviors"
The APA guideline indicates that none of the drugs utilized by our veterans i.e., antidepressants, antipsychotics or anticonvulsants reduce suicide in major depressive patients. Why is this important? As previously stated, approximately 80% of all suicides occur in the depressive state.  See details in report.

Americans that truly care, I mean really care beyond lip service, now have a clear and significant opportunity to make a difference in the life of an individual veteran and for the 23 million veterans as a whole.                  

Action plan:
1. Please forward this free report through your personal email database.  2. Take the next step and join the Veteran Suicide Prevention Team. 3. Read second letter here to General Eric Shinseki, Secretary of Veteran Affairs. "Dear General...Why didn't you or your staff reply to my 2011 letter regarding the Harvard discovered solution for 80-90% of veteran suicides?  If Lithium Orotate were to be prescribed to all veterans with suicidal mood disorders, all of the credible evidence published in medical journals, suggest, Lithium Orotate would essentially shut down the present epidemic of veteran suicides!"

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"Veteran Suicide Breakthrough: Revealing the Breakthrough Mineral for Suicide Prevention, PTSD and Depression 'They Definitely' Don't Want You to Know About."

Retail price $9.95 - On sale now for only $4.99
$1.50 is being donated from the sale of each E-book to the Veteran Health and Education Fund being set up for this mission: Operation Set Them Free!

This E-Book includes "The Mission: Operation Break Free!  Empowering Veterans to Break Free from the Prison of PTSD, Major Depression and the Epidemic of Suicide!"

AMERICA - WAKE UP!  Our veterans are in an emergency situation that requires your immediate assistance and help!  Veteran Affairs Health System Study reveals..."Overall, the rates of suicide among the depressed VA treatment population were 7-8 times higher than among the general population." Read VA study

The VA Has Failed Our Veterans! Join Our Veteran Suicide Prevention Team! Forward Our Free Report through your database. "Eighteen deaths per day among the Veteran population are attributable to suicide." (Dr. Robert Jesse M.D. Principal Under Secretary for VA Health 2010) Read article here

The New York Times - "Suicides Outpacing War Deaths for Troops."  Suicides increased by nearly 20% in 2012 amongst active duty soldiers. June 8, 2012
Read New York Times article

USA TODAY - "Civilian Soldiers' Suicide Rate Alarming" Suicides nearly doubled in 2010 among off-duty National Guard soldiers. 11/26/2010 Read USA TODAY article

You must see the Fox News broadcast (2009) reporting on this suicide breakthrough. Lithium (a naturally occurring trace mineral in municipal ground water) has been shown in multiple studies in Texas, Japan and Austria to reduce suicide rates (30-50% suicide rate reduction) in the general populations consuming minute amounts (1,000 less than pharmaceutical dosages) of the trace mineral, lithium.

The government is not adding lithium to the water, it is naturally present! This Fox News broadcast brings to light the fact that it only takes minute
(1,000 times less than pharma-dosages) non-toxic amounts of lithium  to prevent suicide. Watch the Fox News video

Read "Veterans Suicide Breakthrough" to see how the VA has publicly denied this nutrient in the treatment of our veterans. This is an outrage that must be stopped.


USA Today reported on August 17, 2012  that in July 2012 the Army active-duty suicide rate hit the highest one month tally. Read USA TODAY article

Read 2011 letter to General Eric Shinseki, Secretary of Veteran Affairs.  Dear General ..."Lithium Orotate is the newest, cutting-edge-technology solution for the intractable suicide plague..."  "For suicide, lithium maintenance treatment was associated with an 80-90% decrease in risk, whereas the reduction in suicide attempt rates was more than 90%." (Source: American Psychiatric Association  - 2003)

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"Military Moms! You Can Free Our Veterans From The Epidemic Of Suicide"

"Military Moms" will save the day, I guarantee it!

Retail price $9.95 - On sale now for only $4.99.
$1.50 is being donated from the sale of each E-book to
the Veteran Health and Education Fund being set up for this mission: Operation Set Them Free!

This E-Book is dedicated to all the Military Moms who  will do whatever is takes to end the suicide epidemic. This book contains the same scientific data and overall contents as the "Veteran Suicide Breakthrough".

The Military Moms book has a special message and mission written just for them.

With over 250 pages of exciting information regarding the "Breakthrough Mineral for Mental and Neurological Illnesses, 'They Definitely' Don't Want You to Know About!"

You will see all of the research documenting the fantastic ability of this mineral to prevent suicide and heal the nervous system for the relief of PTSD, depressive and sleep disorder symptoms. 

You also will learn about the 60+ stress related conditions that this mineral may powerfully assist in the management of symptoms.  Here is a short-list of some of these 60+ conditions.

AIDS/HIV infection                   Inflammatory bowel
Alcoholism                               Insomnia
Anxiety disorders                    Nightmares
Bruxism                                    Obsessive Compulsive
Chronic headaches
Fibromyalgia                            Traumatic brain injury
Herpes infection                      Violent behavior

In 2007 a large VA study showed that the suicide rate (for veterans in the care of the VA, with a diagnosis of depression) was 7-8 times the rate of the general population; so obviously the VA is failing with its drugs to reduce the veteran's suicide epidemic!
The VA has failed our veterans!  Americans that truly care; I mean really care beyond lip service, now have a clear and significant opportunity to make a difference in the life of an individual veteran and for the 23 million veterans as a whole.  Will you please forward the free report through your personal email database?

Please read the  
2011 letter to the VA, General Eric Shinseki.  Dear General Shinseki..."Given the massive preponderance of evidence regarding the ability of lithium to prevent suicides, it is my opinion, after 7,000 hours of researching and writing on the topic of lithium administration that, Lithium Orotate should be prescribed to all veterans with Mood disorders. To not take immediate action......would be inexcusable."

The "Military Moms" book is going to rock the veteran community and with your commitment and excellent networking skills this mission is going to succeed. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

Dr. Mark Millar

PS  Don't forget to download the Free Report and share it with your friends and family.  Finally read the  2011 letter to the VA, General Eric Shinseki.

Introducing Lithium Orotate.

Allow me to introduce to you the breakthrough solution for the veteran epidemic of suicide, PTSD, depression, and nightmares.  This natural organic trace mineral supplement is sold-over- the counter (no prescription necessary) at select health food stores across this nation and around the world.

Retail price: $20.00 Sale price: $16.00
100% of profits from sale of Lithium Orotate are being donated to this mission: Operation Set Them Free!

This miraculous trace mineral was featured on Fox News as a breakthrough preventative of suicide. The government is not putting lithium in the water. The natural and essential trace mineral lithium is naturally present in aquifers around the world.  Watch the Fox News video Tell all of your veteran friends and family members that relief for suicidal thoughts and behaviors, PTSD, depression, nightmares and sleep disorders,  has arrived to save the day! 

Lithium Orotate has been scientifically, clinically and laboratory proven to be free of toxicity and side effects when taken as directed by your physician.  Reports of lithium toxicity have only occurred when Pharmaceutical dosing has exceeded the safe maximum therapeutic limit of lithium, believed to be well over 100mg per day of pure elemental lithium. 

THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A DRUG! This natural organic mineral supplement is sold at select health food stores across the U.S. and around the world.  

Typical maximum dosing with this product for the treatment of PTSD, and bipolar disorder is 40mg of pure elemental lithium, well below the 100mg where lithium sensitivity begins for the majority of individuals.  


Buy the E-book "Veterans Suicide Breakthrough" or "Military Moms" to see how medical doctors are administering Lithium Orotate dosages for the relief of suicidal thoughts, PTSD and depression as well as all of the other miscellaneous conditions listed within the E-book. 

Supplement Facts: Serving Size 1 Tablet.  Each 120 mg tablet contains 4.8 mg of elemental lithium.   Each Serving Contains Lithium (as lithium orotate) 120 mg % Daily Value - U.S. RDA not established. Additional ingredients: Magnesium. Carbonate, Ac-Di-Sol, Avicel, Duratex, Compritol, Pure Food Glaze, Plasdone and Magnesium Stearate.  Size: 200 tablets.  Contains no wheat, barley, gluten or sugar

Availability: In Stock Retail price: $20.00 Sale price: $16.00 

Directions: As an addition to the daily diet, take one tablet twice a day with meals or as directed by your health care professional. Two tablets per day for 9.6 mg of pure (non-toxic) elemental lithium.

Additional Information:   Lithium Orotate should not be used by individuals with significant renal or cardiovascular diseases, severe debilitation or dehydration, or sodium depletion, and by individuals who are taking diuretics or ACE inhibitors. Consult your doctor before use if you are taking anti-hypertensive drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesic drugs or insulin. Lithium Orotate should not be used by pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers.

Warning: If you are pregnant or a nursing mother, consult your health care professional before using this or any dietary supplement.  CHILDREN:  Consult your health care professional before giving this or any dietary supplement to children. Keep out of the reach of children.  Keep bottle tightly closed and store in a cool, dry place. 


Mark Millar D.C. is a retired Chiropractor with a unique understanding of Lithium Orotate.  The recommendations and materials on this site represent his opinion based on over 5 years and 7,000 hours researching and writing about lithium and Lithium Orotate administration.  The information and material provided on this website are for educational purposes only and any recommendations are not intended to replace the advice of your physician.  Statements made, or products sold through this website, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.   

You are advised to seek counsel from a licensed medical professional regarding the application of any recommendations noted on this website with regard to your symptoms or condition.  Consult a qualified health care practitioner before taking any substance for medicinal purposes.



"Having lived with multiple physical conditions and psychological symptoms for many years and have only achieved minimal relief with pharmaceuticals. I must say that lithium orotate is an amazing nutrient. In less than 30 days lithium orotate has transformed my life. My response was immediate and the overall relief that I have experienced for anxiety, depression and sleep borders on the miraculous."

Kathy Sampson Veteran of Desert Storm December 1990-April 1991 USMC, Cpl E/4, MALS-11 Ordnance, Saudi Arabia


"I was very reluctant at first to even try Lithium Orotate because I had heard from friends and family that lithium was a heavy duty drug for mentally ill patients. I must say that you answered all my questions and concerns and allowed me to try Lithium Orotate despite my reservations.

I only took 2 Lithium Orotate tablets per day for the first week as that is what the bottle indicated was the daily supplemental dosage, so I was a little concerned about taking any more than that. I did not feel a significant reduction of my symptoms of PTSD and anxiety at that dosage but I did feel a lot of relief of my depression.

I was smiling again after years of no joy. After you spoke with me I decided to try the higher dosage recommended for PTSD and anxiety. I added one tablet each day until I got to 8 tablets and that very day I felt the most incredible peace and calm come over me.

The relief that I have experienced from Lithium Orotate is simply amazing and I am going to share this with my friends who also have PTSD, anxiety and depression. Thank you so much Dr. Millar for taking the time to help the veterans who are suffering so much."

Rick Sanchez – Desert Storm Veteran


"Before I tried lithium orotate I had been prescribed antipsychotics and antidepressants for my PTSD and depression diagnosis. I stopped taking them because of the awful way they made me feel. I am so grateful to have found this natural nutritional solution. I would say that my depression has been relieved by about 80% to a level and frequency that I can totally deal with and my anxiety has completely vanished. I am ready to go back to job searching and find my new job. One of the biggest surprises for me is that the nightmares I used to have frequently have completely gone away. Thank you Dr. Mark."

Michael Alex Hamilton - Operation Iraqi Freedom


"What a relief! My anxiety is almost non-existent and my nightmares are gone. My depression is improving slowly but it has only been two weeks since I started so I'm hoping it will continue to improve. I would say that my depression is 50% better at this point. Thank you Dr. Millar."

Mike Forest - Operation Iraqi Freedom


"Thank you Dr. Millar! Lithium Orotate has been a total God send for me. I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for over 10 years and have tried every conceivable medication and alternative method for this crippling disease and nothing brought me the relief that I was praying for. I even endured painful injections into my muscles trying to relieve the severe spasms but nothing worked. My pain was so severe that I would call it an 8 on a scale of 10. Ten being the pain I experienced in child birth. I mean my pain was severe in my neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, legs, arms, hands and fingers. I have not been able to work for years and I have become quite disabled by this illness. I am now 77 years old and had come to believe that I would have to suffer through this for the rest of my life."

This illness has affected every aspect of my life and I have been a prisoner to it. However within 24 hours of starting the Lithium Orotate in the dosage you recommended I felt as if my disease was leaving my body. Today I am pain free and learning to live again with joy and hope. I am enthusiastically sharing Lithium Orotate with all of my friends, family and acquaintances. Unfortunately most people believe that lithium is a dangerous drug and are very reluctant to use Lithium Orotate. What a tragedy! So many people are suffering needlessly with fibromyalgia! The relief I feel cannot even be expressed in words. Thank you for your consulting with me to help me understand that Lithium is not a drug, but in fact a very safe and critically essential trace mineral. I am looking forward to reading your book and sharing it with my family and friends. Sincerely, Sheila Cipro 

Sheila Cipro - Las Vegas NV.

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